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General Knowledge Page - 001

#  The main unit of Integrated Rural Development Programme is—
(A) Family
(B) Village (Ans)
(C) Block
(D) District

#  Element of Communication is—
(A) Message
(B) Feedback
(C) Channel
(D) All of these (Ans)

#  The first Kshetriya Gramin Bank (KGB) was opened in India is—
(A) 1972
(B) 1980
(C) 1975 (Ans)
(D) 1969

#  The main function of NABARD is—
(A) Farmers' loaning
(B) Agricultural research
(C) Refinancing to agricultural financing institutions (Ans)
(D) Development of agriculture

#  Rent theory of profit was given by—
(A) Hawley
(B) C.P. Blacker
(C) Tanssig
(D) F.A. Walker (Ans)

#  In L.D.R., the profit will be maximum when—
(A) MC = MP
(B) MC > MP
(C) MP = TP
(D) MP > TP (Ans)

#  The period of 11th Five Year Plan is—
(A) 2000-2005
(B) 2002-2007
(C) 2007-2012 (Ans)
(D) 2008-2012

#  Acid rain contains mainly—
(A) PO4
(B) NO2 (Ans)
(C) NO3
(D) CH4

#  Cell Organelle found only in plants are—
(A) Mitochondria
(B) Golgi complex
(C) Ribosomes
(D) Plastids (Ans)

#  Proteins are synthesized in—
(A) Centrosomes
(B) Ribosomes (Ans)
(C) Mitochondria
(D) Golgi bodies

#  Milk fever is caused due to the deficiency of—
(A) P
(B) Ca (Ans)
(C) Mg
(D) K

#  Milk sugar is a type of—
(A) Glucose
(B) Sucrose
(C) Lactose (Ans)
(D) Fructose

#  Muriate of Potash is—
(A) K2SO4
(B) KCl (Ans)
(C) K2HPO4
(D) KNO3

#  Azotobacter fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil by—
(A) Symbiotically (Ans)
(B) Non-symbiotically
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

#  The chemical formula of iron pyrites is—
(A) FeSO4
(B) FeS
(C) FeS2 (Ans)
(D) Fe2(SO4)3

#  Rock phosphates are used in—
(A) Saline soil
(B) Sodic soil
(C) Acidic soil (Ans)
(D) Neutral soil

#  Intervenous chlorosis is caused due to the deficiency of—
(A) N
(B) Mg
(C) S
(D) Fe (Ans)

#  Kinnow is the hybrid variety of—
(A) Citrus
(B) Orange
(C) Mandarin (Ans)
(D) Lemon

#  The permanent preservative, which is used for preservation of fruit and vegetables, is—
(A) Sodium chloride
(B) Potassium metabisulphate (Ans)
(C) Potassium sulphate
(D) Sugar

#  Whip tail disease of cauliflower is caused by deficiency of—
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Boron
(C) Molybdenum (Ans)
(D) Zinc

#  The word ‘Agriculture’ is derived from—
(A) Greek
(B) Latin (Ans)
(C) Arabic
(D) French

#  Motha (Grass nut) belongs to the family of—
(A) Cruciferae
(B) Tiliaceae
(C) Cyperaceae (Ans)
(D) Graminaceae

#  Which of the followings are short day crops ?
(A) Maize, Lobia, Bajra
(B) Wheat, Mustard, Gram (Ans)
(C) Moong, Soybean, Bajra
(D) Wheat, Soybean, Bajra

#  What is the sequence of C4 plants ?
(A) Sudangrass – Sugarcane –Paddy – Bajra
(B) Sugarcane – Maize – Sudangrass – Bajra (Ans)
(C) Sugarcane – Cotton – Paddy– Maize
(D) Cotton – Maize – Bajra –Sugarcane

#  In which state, are there biggest area, highest production and number of Sugar Mills in relation to Sugarcane ?
(A) Maharashtra (Ans)
(B) Bihar
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Andhra Pradesh

#  Which is not prepared by potato ?
(A) Acetic Acid
(B) Paper (Ans)
(C) Wine
(D) Fanina

#  Uttar Pradesh is occupying which place in India, for Guava production ?
(A) Second (Ans)
(B) First
(C) Third
(D) Fifth

#  Which of the following is TPS variety of Potato ?
(A) JH 222
(B) Chipsona-II
(C) Anand
(D) HPS-1/113 (Ans)

#  What is VAM ?
(A) Virus
(B) Bacteria
(C) Algae
(D) Fungi (Ans)

#  What is the main function of zinc in the plants ?
(A) Synthesis of nitrogen
(B) Synthesis of phosphorus
(C) Required for synthesis of Tryptophos (Ans)
(D) To increase activity of the boron

#  What is the area in floriculture (in 000 hectare) in India ?
(A) 40 – 50
(B) 60 – 80
(C) 100 – 120 (Ans)
(D) None of these

#  Which of the following factors does not affect the nitrification ?
(A) Air
(B) Seed (Ans)
(C) Temperature
(D) Moisture

#  Which is the correct sequence of soil erosion ?
(A) Rill – Sheet – Gulley
(B) Gulley – Sheet – Rill
(C) Sheet – Rill – Gulley (Ans)
(D) Sheet – Gulley – Rill

#  Zinc Sulphate (ZnSO4) should not be mixed with—
(A) D.A.P. (Ans)
(B) Compost fertilizer
(C) Ammonium Chloride
(D) Urea

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