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Railway General Knowledge (GK) Notes for RRB Exams 2016 | Important Indian Railway Facts useful for RRB Exams

#  On the basis of this report, for the first time in India. Bombay Great Eastern Railway was established.

#  The first train of the world rolled in England in 1825.

#  The first train rolled in Fourteenth Century in Greece.

#  In 1852, first Locomotive was manufactured.

#  A Civil Engineer Mr.G.T. Clarke first prepared the 'Plan' for Kurla-Thane Raillines. His report was submitted to a Government Committee in 1844.

#  The first meeting took place in Mumbai on 19th April 1845. in which 100 people participated. In this first meeting Enland Railway Association came into force in place of Bombay Great Eastern Railway.

#  In 1845, the 'Court of Directors' of East India Company sent the first official letter in which necessity of Railways in India was accepted.

#  In 1789, British engineer William Jesup made the first iron train.

#  The first train in India was run by the English in 1845. The first Railway in India was known as "Great Indian Peninsular Railway Company"

#  In this train, there was fourteen coaches and three steam engines. The name of the engines were - Saheb, Sindh and Sultan. Thus, the first train service was started in Bombay.

#  In 1899, the first locomotive was manufactured at Jamalpur Mechanical Factory.

#  In hilly areas, Railway was first started in Darjeeling, The length of this Railway line was 51 miles and the gauge of the Rail line was two feet.

#  In 1922, Sir Climent Hindlay was appointed as the first Chief Commissioner of Railway Board. After sometime two members were also appointed with Finance Commissioner in Railway Board.

#  The first electric train rolled on 3rd February, 1925. It was inaugurated by the then Governor of Bombay SIr Lisile Wilson. It ran between Bombay V.T. and Kurla.

#  First colour light signal was started in 1928 by the Great Indian Peninsular Railway between Victoria Terminus and Bheikhala railway stations.

#  The first train was run in India on 16th April, 1853 between Boribander and Thane. This journey was of 57 minutes.

#  Deccan Queen was the first Deluxe train of India, in which there were seven Coaches. It was inaugurated at the Bombay - Pune Rail line.

#  'East Indian Railway Company' and "Great Indian Peninsular Company" were the first Indian companies. They were looked after by the English.

#  In the year 1932, the first diesel train of the world rolled.

#  The first diesel locomotive service started in Darjeeling.

#  The first diesel locomotive factory was established in Benaras (Varanasi) in the year 1961.

#  First Howrah - New Delhi Rajdhani Express was started on 1st March. 1969. Its highest speed was 120 km.

#  The first computerised reservation system was started in New Delhi in 1986.

#  The first three-tier air conditioned coaches were built in Kapurthala also. New designed L.H.B. passenger coaches were also built here.

#  The diesel train In India came in the year 1932.

#  The first Shatabdi Express rolled between New Delhi and Jhansi in the year 1988. Later it was extended to Bhopal.

#  Signals came into existence first in the world in Hartal-pool, England.

#  Railway started its services in Madras in 1856.

#  Earlier, Rail Service was expanded on ports, later it started to expand in inner parts of the country.

#  In 1857, due to revolt, there came a halt in the construction work.

#  Railway works started again in 1858, when the power was transferred to Queen Victoria.

#  In 1861, Balsar-Badodara Rail line was prepared.

#  In 1864, Grant Rail was linked with Balsar.

#  In 1870, Bombay and Calcutta was linked with Raillines via Allahabad.

#  In 1870, Railway line was constructed in Sabarmati.

#  Railway Coach Factory was established in Kapurthala in the year 1987.

#  After Independence, Rail Ministry was formed, which was represented by a Minister of Cabinet rank.

#  Great Indian Peninsular Railway was also purchased by the Government in 1900.

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