General Knowledge Page - 030

Patela is used for—
(A) Sowing
(B) Levelling
(C) Earthing
(D) Weeding
(Ans : B)

Which of the material is not used for making rollers ?
(A) Wood
(B) Stone
(C) Iron
(D) Steel
(Ans : D)

In which condition, roller is used ?
(A) Where soil is wet
(B) Where clods are present in soil
(C) Where soil is friable
(D) None of the above
(Ans : D)

Which one of the following work is not done by scrappers ?
(A) For levelling of soil
(B) For making irrigation channels
(C) For covering the sown-seeds by earth
(D) For making ridges
(Ans : C)

Dibbler is used for—
(A) Ploughing
(B) Seed sowing
(C) Levelling of land
(D) Interculture
(Ans : B)

The minimum expenditure is incurred by implements for sowing seeds among the following—
(A) Deshi plough
(B) Cultivator
(C) Dibbler
(D) Seed-drill
(Ans : D)

Which of the following tool is used for measuring the draft of agricultural implements?
(A) Dynamometer
(B) Hydrometer
(C) Galvanometer
(D) Barometer
(Ans : A)

Which of the following does not affect the draft of ploughs ?
(A) Width of furrow
(B) Depth of furrow
(C) Length of furrow
(D) Soil moisture
(Ans : C)

Swing-basket (Dhenkuli) is used for—
(A) Making furrow
(B) Lifting water from wells
(C) Destroying weeds
(D) Leveling of land
(Ans : B)

Which of the following is used maximum for lifting water from wells ?
(A) Persian wheel (Rahat)
(B) Swing basket (Bedi)
(C) Dhenkuli
(D) Don
(Ans : A)

Which of the following is used for lifting water from 8-10 m depth ?
(A) Washer Rahat
(B) Hand pump
(C) Mayadar lift
(D) None of the above
(Ans : D)

In which implement. bullocks are not used for lifting water ?
(A) Buldev Balti
(B) Charsa
(C) Egyptian screw
(D) Rahat (Persian wheel)
(Ans : C)

The working efficiency per day of deshi plough is—
(A) 0.3 ha
(B) 0.4 ha
(C) 0.6 ha
(D) 0.8 ha
(Ans : B)

Which of the method of ploughing is mostly practised ?
(A) Outside to inside ploughing
(B) Inside to outside ploughing
(C) Ploughing by putting furrow from one side of field
(D) Ploughing by halai making
(Ans : D)

The best method of ploughing through deshi plough is—
(A) Outside to inside ploughing
(B) Inside to outside ploughing
(C) Ploughing by making halai
(D) Ploughing by making furrow from one side of field
(Ans : C)

How much is the working efficiency of dibbler (ha per day) ?
(A) 0.15
(B) 0.25
(C) 0.35
(D) 0.45
(Ans : A)

Tillage includes—
(A) Ploughing of land
(B) Keep the land free from weeds
(C) Make the soil levelled
(D) All of the above operations
(Ans : D)

Function of the seed-drill is—
(A) Making furrow
(B) Dropping seeds
(C) Covering the seeds in furrow
(D) All of the above
(Ans : D)

Wrought iron contains carbon (per cent) —
(A) 0.05-1%
(B) 1-2%
(C) 2-3%
(D) 3-4%
(Ans : A)

The mould-board of a tractor drawn soil turning plough is the type of—
(A) General purpose
(B) Stubble
(C) Sod (breaker)
(D) High speed
(Ans : D)

Among the following, ridger is not used in crop—
(A) Maize
(B) Gram
(C) Potato
(D) Sugarcane
(Ans : B)

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