General Knowledge Page - 031

Belt mostly used is of types—
(A) Rubber
(B) Kirmich
(C) Leather
(D) Cotton thread
(Ans : A)

The major defects of rubber belts are—
(A) Costly
(B) Slips on wet
(C) Early rubbed
(D) Increased due to heat
(Ans : B)

How many m.m. are in one foot length ?
(A) 304.8
(B) 404.8
(C) 204.8
(D) 104.8
(Ans : A)

The grooved pulleys are made-up of—
(A) Steel
(B) Cast iron
(C) Wooden
(D) Above (A) and (B) both
(Ans : D)

A general farmer used deshi plough for the purpose of—
(A) Land ploughing
(B) Collecting weeds
(C) Making soil powdery
(D) Above all works
(Ans : D)

Which of the following is best for driving machine from low power to slow speed ?
(A) Belts and pulley
(B) Spur gear
(C) Toothed wheel and chains
(D) None of the above
(Ans : A)

Reapers are used for—
(A) Crop cutting
(B) Threshing of harvested crop produce (lank)
(C) Seeds sowing
(D) Fodder cutting
(Ans : A)

Threshers (except Olpad threshers) are driven by—
(A) One pair of bullocks
(B) Two pair of bullocks
(C) Diesel
(D) All of the above
(Ans : C)

Winnowing it called—
(A) Cutting a crop
(B) To separate straw etc. from threshed lank
(C) To thresh
(D) Cutting the fodder
(Ans : B)

Chaff-cutter is driven by—
(A) Hand
(B) Bullocks
(C) Electric power
(D) All of the above
(Ans : D)

Sugarcane juice is extracted (%) from canes through bullock-drawn cane-crusher—
(A) 50-55
(B) 70-75
(C) 25-30
(D) 60-65
(Ans : D)

'Olpad' thresher is used in—
(A) Oil extraction from mustard, toria etc.
(B) Extracting juice from cane
(C) Threshing of wheat, barley, pea etc.
(D) All (A), (B) and (C)
 (Ans : C)

'Seed dresser' is used for—
(A) Mixing/treating seeds with chemicals
(B) Sowing seeds at proper distance
(C) Making seeds of high grade
(D) Keeping seeds effective upto longer period
(Ans : A)

'Try square' is used by—
(A) Blacksmith
(B) Carpenter
(C) Potter
(D) Farmers
(Ans : B)

Which type of saw is not included ?
(A) Cross cut saw
(B) Deshi saw
(C) Tenon saw
(D) Teething saw
(Ans : D)

Which type of saw, used for cutting round shape in hole ?
(A) Fret saw
(B) Penal saw
(C) Tenon saw
(D) Key hole saw
(Ans : D)

'Draw-Knife' is used for—
(A) To fit galua in grinder
(B) Making round the corners of wood
(C) Smoothing the base of wood
(D) Sharping teeth of saw
(Ans : B)

The tool used for making deep pit in wood is—
(A) Adge
(B) Saw
(C) Draw knife
(D) Chisel
(Ans : D)

The main work of 'scrapper' is—
(A) For cutting the wood
(B) For scrapping the wood
(C) For smoothing the wood
(D) All of the above
(Ans : C)

'File' is used for—
(A) Scrapping the wood
(B) Cutting the wood
(C) Forcing the wood
(D) Making equal by scrapping the wood
(Ans : D)

The type of file is generally—
(A) Round
(B) Triangular
(C) Flate
(D) Above all types
(Ans : D)

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