General Knowledge Page - 033

If the distance between two pullies, having the diameter of 45 cm and 39 cm, is 3.2 metre, then what would be length of required flate belt ?
(A) 6.8 m
(B) 7.72 m
(C) 9.4 m
(D) 7.2 m
(Ans : B)

Two pair of bullocks are ploughing a field by victory ploughs at a speed of 2 km/hr. If the average width of each furrow is 25 cm. How much time will be required to plough one hectare land? Where after each two hours working, 20 minutes rest is required to provide ?
(A) 10 hours
(B) 8 hours
(C) 11 hours 40 minutes
(D) 8 hours 20 minutes
(Ans : C)

If the relative distance is 2.5 metre of centre points of two pullies, having SO cm and 25 cm diameters, then, how much length (metre) of 'V' belt would be required ?
(A) 6.18875
(B) 5.18775
(C) 6.28775
(D) 6.18775
(Ans : D)

A 'chain' contains how much metre ?
(A) 20.1168
(B) 21.1168
(C) 15.1168
(D) 18.1168
(Ans : A)

If the rate of electricity is rupee one per unit, then, a 20 h. p. electric motor, having approx. 100% efficiency will require how much cost (Rs.) on 100 hours running to irrigate the field ?
(A) 500
(B) 750
(C) 1500
(D) 2000
(Ans : C)

'Drip' irrigation is generally followed in the country—
(A) Israel
(B) America
(C) Australia
(D) Japan
(Ans : A)

In India, under canal net-work system of irrigation, generally, how much amount of water is allowed to run in small canal ?
(A) Less than 4 cusec
(B) Less than 10 cusec
(C) Between 15 to 20 cusec
(D) Between 25 to 30 cusec
(Ans : B)

Method of irrigation is—
(A) Surface irrigation
(B) Sprinkler irrigation
(C) Drip irrigation
(D) All of these
(Ans : D)

The Torque—a power to generate revolutions is expressed as (its unit is kg metre) —
(A) Length of arm (m) x Force (kg)
(B) Length of arm (cm) x Force (kg)
(C) Length of arm (m) x Force (g)
(D) Length of arm (rom) x Force (mg)
(Ans : A)

Work is expressed by the formula as—
(A) Work = Force (kg) x Distance (m)
(B) Work = Force (g) x Distance (m)
(C) Work = Force (mg) x Distance (m)
(D) Work = Force (kg) x Distance (cm)
(Ans : A)

The length of 'Engineer chain' is—
(A) 100 ft
(B) 80 ft
(C) 20 ft
(D) None of these
(Ans : A)

The length of 'Gunter chain' is—
(A) 66 ft
(B) 100 ft
(C) 20 ft
(D) 90 ft
(Ans : A)

The area of an acre is—
(A) 0.40
(B) 0.80
(C) 1.10
(D) None of these
(Ans : D)

One centimetre is equal to—
(A) 5 mm
(B) 10 mm
(C) 15 mm
(D) None of these
(Ans : B)

The draft of 'Victory plough' is—
(A) 80-100 kg
(B) 40-50 kg
(C) 70-80 kg
(D) 10-20 kg
(Ans : A)

How much horse power (h.p.) is in one kW (Kilowatt) ?
(A) 1.34
(B) 1.90
(C) 2.00
(D) 3.80
(Ans : A)

Man power is considered equal to how much horse power (h.p.) ?
(A) 0.1
(B) 0.2
(C) 0.3
(D) 0.4
(Ans : A)

Jalpriya is a variety of—
(A) Maize
(B) Jowar
(C) Paddy
(D) Barley
Ans : (C)

Sugarcane + Potato is an intercropping system of—
(A) Autumn season
(B) Zaid season
(C) Spring season
(D) Rainy season
Ans : (A)

Seed-rate of potato per hectare is—
(A) 25 quintal/hectare
(B) 10 quintal/hectare
(C) 15 quintal/hectare
(D) 40 quintal/hectare
Ans : (D)

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