General Knowledge Page - 049

An online discussion group that allows direct 'live' communication is known as–
(A) Webcrawler
(B) chat group
(C) regional service provider
(D) hyperlink
(E) e-mail
Ans : (B)

Which of the following is a program that uses a variety of different approaches to identify and eliminate spam ?
(A) Directory search
(B) Anti-spam program
(C) Web server
(D) Web storefront creation package
(E) Virus
Ans : (B)

Connection or link to other documents or Web Pages that contain related information is called–
(A) dial-up
(B) electronic commerce
(C) hyperlink
(D) e-cash
(E) domain name
Ans : (C)

Which of the following is a programming language for creating special programs like applets ?
(A) Java
(B) cable
(C) domain name
(D) Net
Ans : (A)

The system unit–
(A) coordinates input and output devices
(B) is the container that houses electronic components
(C) is a combination of hardware and software
(D) controls and manipulates data
(E) does the arithmetic operations
Ans : (C)

System software–
(A) allows the user to diagnose and troubleshoot the device
(B) is a programming language
(C) is part of a productivity suit
(D) is an optional form of software
(E) helps the computer manage internal resources
Ans : (E)

Computer and communication technologies, such as communication links to the Internet that provide help and understanding to the end user is known as–
(A) presentation file
(B) information technology
(C) program
(D) worksheet file
Ans : (B)

Which of the following is contained on chips connected to the system board and is a holding area for data instructions and information ? (processed data waiting to be output to secondary storage)
(A) program
(B) mouse
(C) Internet
(D) memory
(E) modem
Ans : (D)

Microsoft's Messenger allows users to–
(A) to bypass a browser to surf the Web
(B) create a blog
(C) communicate via direct live communication
(D) identify and eliminate spam
(E) make graphic presentations
Ans : (C)

Portable computer, also known as laptop computer, weighing between 4 and 10 pounds is called–
(A) general-purpose application
(B) Internet
(C) scanner
(D) printer
(E) notebook computer
Ans : (E)

The main circuit-board of the system unit is the–
(A) computer program
(B) control unit
(C) motherboard
(E) None of these
Ans : (C)

Which of the following is billionth of a second ?
(A) Gigabyte
(B) Terabyte
(C) Nanosecond
(D) Microsecond
(E) Terasecond
Ans : (C)

Online Marketing is the function of which of the following ?
(A) Purchase Section
(B) Production Department
(C) I.T. Department
(D) Designs Section
(E) A collective function of all staff
Ans : (E)

Customisation is useful for–
(A) Designing customer specific products
(B) Call centers
(C) Publicity
(D) Motivating the staff
(E) Cold calls
Ans : (A)

The key challenge to market driven strategy is–
(A) Selling maximum products
(B) Employing maximum DSAs
(C) Delivering superior value to customers
(D) Being rigid to changes
(E) Adopting short term vision
Ans : (C)

Effective Selling skills depends on–
(A) Size of the sales teams
(B) Age of the sales teams
(C) Peerstrength
(D) Knowledge level of the sales team
(E) Educational level of the sales team
Ans : (C)

Generation of sales leads can be improved by–
(A) Being very talkative
(B) Increasing personal and professional contacts
(C) Being passive
(D) Engaging Recovery Agents
(E) Product designs
Ans : (B)

A Market Plan is–
(A) Performance Appraisal of marketing staff
(B) Company Prospectus
(C) Documented marketing strategies
(D) Business targets
(E) Call centre
Ans : (C)

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