General Knowledge Page - 051

The All India Muslim League was founded by–
(A) Maulana Ahmed Ali
(B) Mohammad Ali Jinnah
(C) Agha Khan
(D) Hakim Ajmal Khan
Ans : (C)

Golden Revolution refers to–
(A) Sericulture
(B) Horticulture
(C) Apiculture
(D) Viticulture
Ans : (B)

Which one of the following is a major port on the East Coast of India ?
(A) Kandla
(B) Vishakhapattnam
(C) Karikal
(D) Pondicherry (Puducherry)
Ans : (B)

The approximate circumference of the Earth is–
(A) 13,000 km
(B) 20,000 km
(C) 25,000 km
(D) 30,000 km
Ans : (A)

When did India join the International Tsunami Warning System ?
(A) 2004
(B) 2005
(C) 2006
(D) 2007
Ans : (A)

'Cod' is a variety of–
(A) Goat
(B) Fish
(C) Crop
(D) Coral
Ans : (B)

A large number of identical plants can be obtained in a short span of time through–
(A) Large number of seeds of a single plant
(B) Stem cuttings
(C) Tissue culture technique
(D) Hydroponics method
Ans : (C)

The smallest flowering plant is–
(A) Wolffia
(B) Lemma
(C) Azolla
(D) Ficus
Ans : (A)

Leukaemia or blood cancer is characterised by abnormal increase of the–
(A) Red blood cells
(B) White blood cells
(C) Blood platelets
(D) Blood plasma
Ans : (B)

The total number of bones in our body is–
(A) 226
(B) 206
(C) 256
(D) 236
Ans : (B)

The poison of honey bee is–
(A) Acidic
(B) Alkaline
(C) Saltish
(D) Protein
Ans : (A)

Birds which swim in water have–
(A) Webbed feet
(B) Broad wings
(C) Long beaks
(D) Toes with claws
Ans : (A)

A balloon filled with helium rises in air because–
(A) Air exerts an upward force on the balloon
(B) The balloon is weightless
(C) Helium is less dense than air
(D) Helium pushes down on the air below the balloon
Ans : (C)

One can distinguish a telescope from a microscope by observing–
(A) Length
(B) Colour
(C) Size of the lens
(D) Length and size of the lens
Ans : (C)

The sound produced by a bat is–
(A) Audible
(B) Subsonic
(C) Infrasonic
(D) Ultrasonic
Ans : (D)

When a bar magnet is cut into two equal halves, the pole strength of each piece–
(A) Becomes double
(B) Becomes half
(C) Becomes zero
(D) Remains the same
Ans : (D)

Cooking oil is converted into vegetable ghee by the process of–
(A) Crystallisation
(B) Condensation
(C) Hydrogenation
(D) Oxidation
Ans : (C)

Rusting of iron requires–
(A) Oxygen and carbon dioxide
(8) Oxygen and water
(C) Carbon dioxide only
(0) Oxygen only
Ans : (B)

Glass is a–
(A) Pure solid
(B) Supercooled liquid
(C) Gel
(D) Polymer
Ans : (B)

Uranium eventually decays into a stable isotope of–
(A) Radium
(B) Thorium
(C) Lead
(D) Polonium
Ans : (C)

Which of the toxic heavy metals is found in modem tannery industries ?
(A) Nickel
(B) Zinc
(C) Chromium
(D) Lead
Ans : (C)

Which of the following contains high content of lead ?
(A) Coal
(B) Cooking gas
(C) High octane fuel
(D) Low octane fuel
Ans : (C)

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