General Knowledge Page - 060

Why was Kanishtha Dhankhar’s name in news recently? 
(A) She was crowned Femina Miss India-2011 
(B) She was adjudged Best Actress-2010 by Filmfare 
(C) She is the new Captain of India’s woman cricket team 
(D) She is the new Dy. Minister of Textiles in place of Dayanidhi Maran 
(E) None of these 
Ans : (A)

K. Balachander, who was awarded the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award-2010, is basically a/an– 
(A) Actor(B) Director
(C) Photographer 
(D) Music Director
(E) Choreographer 
Ans : (B)

Banks and other financial institutions in India are required to maintain a certain amount of liquid assets like cash, precious metals and other short term securities as a reserve all the time. In Banking World this is known as– 
(B) Fixed Asset
(C) SLR 
(E) None of these 
Ans : (A)

Which of the following Space agencies recently launched three satellites and placed them into Polar Sun Synchronous Orbit successfully ? 
Ans : (D)

As per the decision taken by the Govt. of India recently, “Bamboo is a liberated item now”. What does it really mean? 
(A) Bamboo, henceforth will be treated as a minor forest produce only. 
(B) Now villagers are free to sell bamboo in their community forest areas. 
(C) Gramsabha is given right to issue transport passes to legally transport the produce. 
(A) Only A
(B) Only B 
(C) Only C
(D) All A, B and C 
(E) None of these 
Ans : (D)

Union Cabinet recently passed a Rs. 7000 crore project to cleanup which of the following rivers in India ? 
(A) Narmada
(B) Ravi
(C) Ganga 
(D) Chambal
(E) Krishna 
Ans : (C)

As per estimates of the Planning Commission of India the target growth rate of 12th Five-Year Plan is set to 
(A) 7 to 8%
(B) 8.0% to 8.5%
(C) 9% to 9.5% 
(D) 10 to 10.5%
(E) 11% 
Ans : (C)

Goodluck Jonathan was recently re-elected the President of– 
(A) South Africa
(B) Nigeria
(C) Kosovo 
(D) Haiti
(E) None of these 
Ans : (B)

Which of the following schemes is not launched by the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India ? 
(A) National Old Age Pension Scheme
(B) National Maternity Benefit Scheme 
(C) National Family Benefit Scheme
(D) Mid-Day Meal Scheme 
(E) All are launched by Ministry of Rural Development 
Ans : (D)

Where you are likely to find an embedded operating system ? 
(A) on a desktop operating system
(B) on a networked PC
(C) on a network server 
(D) on a PDA 
(E) on a mainframe 
Ans : (D)

An online discussion group that allows direct “live” communication is known as– 
(A) Webcrawler
(B) chat group
(C) regional service provider 
(D) hyperlink 
(E) email 
Ans : (B)

Which of the following is a program that uses a variety of different approaches to identify and eliminate spam ? 
(A) Directory search
(B) Anti-spam program
(C) Web server 
(D) Web storefront creation package
(E) Virus 
Ans : (B)

Connection or link to other documents or Web Pages that contain related information is called– 
(A) dial-up
(B) electronic commerce
(C) hyperlink 
(D) e-cash
(E) domain name 
Ans : (C)

Which of the following is a programming language for creating special programs like applets ? 
(A) Java
(B) cable
(C) domain name 
(D) Net
Ans : (A)

The system unit– 
(A) coordinates input and output devices
(B) is the container that houses electronic components 
(C) is a combination of hardware and software
(D) controls and manipulates data 
(E) does the arithmetic operations 
Ans : (C)

System software– 
(A) allows the user to diagnose and troubleshoot the device
(B) is a programming language 
(C) is part of a productivity suite
(D) is an optional form of software 
(E) helps the computer manage internal tesources
Ans : (E)

Computer and communication technologies, such as communication links to the Internet that provide help and understanding to the end user is known as– 
(A) presentation file
(B) information technology
(C) program 
(D) worksheet file
(E) FIP 
Ans : (B)

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