General Knowledge Page - 069

Liver performs several functions. One of these functions is—
(A) Histolysis 
(B) Digestion of proteins 
(C) Glycogenesis 
(D) Maintaining salt balance 
(Ans : C)

Poison fangs of snakes are—
(A) Maxillary teeth 
(B) Specialized structures 
(C) Premaxillary teeth 
(D) Vomerine teeth 
(Ans : A)

Wings of butterfly, bird and bat are—
(A) Homologous organs 
(B) Analogous organs 
(C) Unrelated organs 
(D) Vestigeal organs 
(Ans : B)

‘Ozone Day’ is observed on—
(A) January, 30 
(B) April, 21 
(C) September, 16
(D) December, 5 
(Ans : C)

Which one of the following is the link between Annelida and Mollusca ?
(A) Archaeopteryx
(B) Peripatus 
(C) Neopilina
(D) Coelacanth 
(Ans : C)

The heartbeat is regulated by—
(A) Pacemaker 
(B) Vagus nerve 
(C) Sympathetic nerve 
(D) All of these 
(Ans : D)

Which pair is correct ?
(A) Microlecithal eggs — Dipnoi 
(B) Homolecithal eggs — Amphibia
(C) Mesolecithal eggs — Bird 
(D) Centrolecithal eggs — Insect 
(Ans : D)

The hypothesis of ‘Coupling and Repulsion’ for linkage was formulated by—
(A) Sutton and Boveri 
(B) Bateson and Punnet
(C) T.H. Morgan 
(D) W. Sutton 
(Ans : B)

Balanoglossus is commonly known as—
(A) Earthworm
(B) Tapeworm 
(C) Corn worm
(D) Tongue worm 
(Ans : D)

In Drosophila, sex determination depends on—
(A) Y-chromosome 
(B) X-chromosome
(C) Autosome 
(D) X-chromosome and autosome both 
(Ans : D)

Nonsense codons are—
(Ans : C)

In which stage does centromere divide in two ?
(A) Metaphase-I
(B) Prophase-I 
(C) Metaphase-II
(D) Anaphase-II 
(Ans : D)

Which animal is egg laying mammal ?
(A) Didelphys
(B) Macropus 
(C) Pteropus
(D) Tachyglossus 
(Ans : D)

An oil producing gland on the tail of bird is known as—
(A) Preen gland
(B) Mucus gland 
(C) Green gland
(D) Sebaceous gland 
(Ans : A)

A snake that is viviparous is—
(A) The Russell’s pitless viper 
(B) The pit viper 
(C) Rattle snake 
(D) Kraits 
(Ans : B)

A gland which is found on undersurface of the thighs of male lizard ?
(A) Sudorific gland
(B) Femoral gland 
(C) Green gland
(D) Stink gland 
(Ans : B)

Which of the following is not a path flagellate ?
(A) Leishmania
(B) Giardia 
(C) Trypanosoma 
(D) Noctiluca 
(Ans : D)

The Glochidium larva of Unio—
(A) Is free swimming 
(B) Is ectoparasite on fish 
(C) Is endoparasite on fish 
(D) Lives in bottom
(Ans : B)

The term ‘Plasmalemma’ was given by—
(A) C. Nageli and C. Cramer 
(B) J.Q. Plowe 
(C) Dancilli and Davson 
(D) Robertson 
(Ans : B)

Smooth endoplasmic reticulum performs—
1. Synthesis of lipids 2. Glycogenolysis
3. Sterol metabolism 4. Detoxification
Codes :
(A) Only 4 is correct 
(B) 1 and 2 both are correct
(C) 2 and 3 both are correct 
(D) All are correct 
(Ans : D)

The innermost layer of egg albumen in birds is called—
(A) Inner thin albumen 
(B) Vitelline membrane 
(C) Dense alburmen 
(D) Chalaziferous layer 
(Ans : B)

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